Get Your Digital Learning Act Together

April 16 VT session

Download Learning Assets

Thank you for attending Jennifer Hofmann and Charlie Gillette's Virtually There session Get Your Digital Learning Act Together. 

As a follow-up to the session, the presenters have created a comprehensive toolkit that includes the following helpful resources: 

  • Session Slides: Get Your Digital Learning Act Together
  • InSync Training Sample: Blended Learning Course Map
  • Knowledge Anywhere Job Aid: Content Builder Checklist 
  • Knowledge Anywhere Job Aid: Learning Management System Evaluation Checklist
  • Knowledge Anywhere eBook: Make the Most of Your LMS Data
  • InSync Training Tool: Creating a Campaign Blueprint for Blended Learning
  • Knowledge Anywhere Job Aid: Top Challenges of eLearning and How to Solve Them 

To download the learning assets as a zip file, please complete the form on the right and click on the Submit button.