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June 16 @ 2pm ET (New York) (UTC -4)

Work life is just not what it used to be. Our training needs to reflect that. Employees' work conditions change, often unpredictably: one day in the office, one day at home, one day on the road.... we need a learning model that adapts to where people need to learn while also designing content in a way that meets the business goals. Maximizing audience engagement means we need to merge the concepts of blended learning and hybrid learning. 

Blended learning: program designs that combine live and self-directed content, where the delivery technology is determined by the performance objectives:

  1. Hybrid Learning: live events with participants in the office, at home, or on the road. This two-hour collaborative workshop includes a scenario-based breakout session where your team, using a template designs a blended program for the hybrid environment. You’ll leave with an action plan to help your team design a plan for success.  
  2. The program will be supported by an eLearning module, infographic, and multiple related readings–all mapped out in a Blended Learning Campaign.

Guiding Questions 

  1. What is the relationship between Hybrid Learning and Blended Learning? 
  2. How do I answer the “Who, What, Where, When and How” of this complex environment? 
  3. What is a blended learning campaign? 
  4. How can I design a program that adapts to the composition of the audience? 
  5. What skills does a facilitator need to facilitate blended learning in the hybrid world? 

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Meet Jennifer Hofmann

Jennifer Hofmann, mastermind behind virtual classroom best practices and blended learning pioneer, is the Founder and President of InSync Training. She specializes in the design and delivery of engaging, innovative, and effective modern blended learning. Jennifer has written, and contributed to, a number of well-received and highly-regarded books including: The Synchronous Trainer’s Survival Guide: Facilitating Successful Live and Online Courses, Meetings and Events (Pfeiffer, 2003), Live and Online! Tips, Techniques, and Ready-To-Use Activities for the Virtual Classroom (Pfeiffer, 2004). Her latest book, Blended Learning (ATD, 2018), introduces a new instructional design model that addresses the needs of the modern workplace and modern learners.


Meet Karen Vieth

Karen Vieth, M.ED is a Virtual Facilitator, Producer and the Implementation Services Manager for InSync Training. Karen has been a leader in providing online learning solutions since 2000, working with professional development teams across the nation. Karen came to InSync with a vast knowledge base working with both children and adults. Her passion is coaching and mentoring others to lead engaging virtual training sessions and is our in house expert in "teachbacks". Karen holds a Master´s Degree in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in curriculum and design and a Bachelor´s Degree in Elementary Education.

I found my course facilitators to be cooperative, smart, and self-motivating. I’m already finding opportunities to use my new skills on the job, like recognizing the value a producer adds to a virtual learning event.
I have a better understanding of the tools and techniques available to virtual classroom facilitators. Course producer Cindy provided first-hand insight, and tricks-of-the-trade that I will be able to use in the future. 
The online content, live instruction, and takeaway materials all played a crucial role in the absorption of the material and the building of my skills.
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