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August 24 @ 2pm ET (New York) (UTC -4)
You only have one chance to make a good first impression. A strategic onboarding process is the best way to kick-start employee engagement, especially in remote and hybrid workplace.


The “Great Resignation” has illustrated that employees want a better working experience, and not just a job. As we rebuild the workforce, we need an engaging onboarding process that connects new hires to their jobs and to their peers sets the tone for everything that comes after. But how do you accomplish this while remote employees in a hybrid workplace? This session  explores the top considerations for designing a virtual onboarding program, how to connect remote new hires to the rest of the organization, and how to make the first 30 days on the job positive, memorable, and energizing.

You’ll leave with a roadmap of activities to implement during a 30-day onboarding process.

 Guiding questions

  1. What do employees want during the onboarding process?
  2. What do employers want during the onboarding process?
  3. How does an organization meet the goals of both groups in a hybrid learning environment?
  4. What’s critical to accomplish during the first 30 days on the job?

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I found my course facilitators to be cooperative, smart, and self-motivating. I’m already finding opportunities to use my new skills on the job, like recognizing the value a producer adds to a virtual learning event.
I have a better understanding of the tools and techniques available to virtual classroom facilitators. Course producer Cindy provided first-hand insight, and tricks-of-the-trade that I will be able to use in the future. 
The online content, live instruction, and takeaway materials all played a crucial role in the absorption of the material and the building of my skills.
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